Hacks to Save Money While Travelling Solo
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10 Hacks to Save Money While Travelling Solo

If you are a traveler there is always a question for the budget in your pocket. When you are traveling, money always plays the main role. So it is important to choose and decide wisely on how you can travel a lot within a budget to explore your destinations. You might have a question in your own mind “How?”. After reading this article about “10 Hacks to Save Money While Travelling Solo”, hopefully, you will have all the answers.

There is a fine line between a traveler and tourist, a traveler is someone who loves to travel places and explore whereas a tourist is someone who prefers to visit popular places along with other tourists. Being a solo traveler is not so hard if you actually know how to put on your budgets and prepare towards your destination.

Here are some important hacks to keep in mind for solo low budget traveling

Hacks to Save Money While Travelling Solo

Do some research

It is always important to research on traveling and to prepare yourself for every trip. Take advice from other travelers, look for offers, packages that traveling agencies are offering. Check online websites with low budget deals for traveling, compare them and look for the best deal.

Be flexible

Keep yourself open to different destinations. If the places aren’t so popular still be open to them. You never know what experiences you will find in small places which are less likely to be known for traveling but still beautiful. Such places will be of course low budget but of course beautiful to visit.

Off seasons

Try traveling offseason, which means not during holidays or vacations, rather a regular weekday. Those time the flights are cheaper even the hotels cheaper for accommodation.

Street Food

While traveling food can be expensive if you expect to eat regularly in restaurants or cafes. So it’s better to look out of street food as alternatives. It will be cheaper and save a lot of money.

Use public transport rather than taxis

Try using public transport rather than Uber or taxis. It saves a lot of money and also helps to learn and explore more about the local area.

Rent an apartment

You can try renting an apartment with other solo travelers. It will be cheaper than hotels. You can have your own place to cook as well which will cut down a lot of expenses in food.


Find hostels

You can find hostels as well instead of hotels for staying. Hostels are cheaper which allows to rent beds in dormitory-style accommodation for travelers. There will be a kitchen and will be other travelers too, to communicate with more people.

Avoid baggage

Just take a carry-on bag for avoiding baggage fees on the plane. It is good and convenient to use carry-on baggage with which you can travel anywhere, walk or use public transportation.

Buy early flight tickets

Try buying flight tickets minimum 3-6months earlier for your destination. It will cost a lot less compared to booking a flight ticket within a week or month. It will save a lot of money.

Fly with the budget airline

It is not important to fly on airlines which are popular and luxurious. Fly on airlines which are less popular. It will cost a lot less compared to the popular airlines. And it will serve your purpose to travel within a convenient budget range.

Lastly, after applying all these 10 Hacks to Save Money While Traveling Solo is going to help you a lot for planning a trip as you want. If you want to explore more and more destinations then you shouldn’t have any doubt about saving more money.

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