10 things not to do when you travel
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10 things not to do when you travel

We always see comments about what to do when traveling, but do you know what things you should NOT do when you travel? Indeed, there are also hidden rules in this regard. From my experience and my mistakes, I want to help you make the right decisions. And so as not to get too tired, I’m going to start with a list of 10 things you should NOT do when you travel.


A trip without a plan

This is especially applicable for people traveling with a round trip date. Obviously, if you go 1 year to travel the world you will not plan the whole trip. But surely you will draw a plan (even if it changes as time goes by). The fact is that if you go on a trip, at least prepare a route planning. Find what’s interesting to see in the destination and locate it on a map. So you can organize the necessary days in each place and how to get there. Not planning is one of the things you should NOT do when you travel. Because you probably cross the world to stay at the doors of that place dreamed of not buying the ticket in advance.

Travel without travel insurance

This is to be a real daredevil and according to what destination, even seek ruin. Little joke with this, there are countries in which health is inaccessible without private insurance. For example, in the USA, only for an emergency consultation for a malaise, there are already more than $300, an ambulance costs $800, and an appendicitis operation can cost $20,000. Traveling without hiring travel insurance that covers any medical assistance is the most important thing you should NOT do when you travel.

In the case of Spaniards traveling through the European Union, you can use the public health system as they are arranged. But for the rest of the countries, you always have to take out travel insurance.

Change money at the airport

The type of change they offer is abusive. It’s the fast track, plane downs, and oh, an exchange office! Easier, comfortable and fast impossible. Well you know one thing, that has a price, and expensive! Wait until you reach the destination city, any of the exchange houses will have a much better rate than at the airport. I only advise changing the right ones to take the transport if it does not admit card or you do not want to use it.

Go to a restaurant in a tourist place

This advice is basically to protect your pocket. The price difference of sitting down to eat in a “famous” square to do it four streets behind is abysmal. You only have to know that the sites are paid. Surely the rental of the premises is not worth the same, so they will charge for their dishes. The same thing happens with coffee shops or bars. You will always pay much more than one drink at the tourist place.

Rake up to the last Dollar

Traveling cheap and low cost is great. I am the biggest promoter of this type of trips. Sometimes it is preferable to pay something more for something much better. For example, save $30 on a flight by having to scale one more. Your waiting time at airports is already worth $30. Pay $10 less hotel away from the center. How much money will you have to invest in travel? And in time? Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more and save on time and transportation. Missing a visit that you love because it is expensive. Try saving it somewhere else to not miss the experience if necessary.

Make reservations too early

Sometimes we can be anxious and when we already have a flight ticket, we want to reserve everything. But 6 months before … it’s not necessary. Life goes around a lot and travels more. It may be that you change your route idea and have to cancel accommodations. If they have free cancellation, great. If not, failure. The same with tickets or bus tickets, once purchased can not be returned in most cases. Better hurry to buy it and not lose money in case of unforeseen or change of plan.

Participate in tourist attractions with animals

Unfortunately, there are people who take money torturing animals. Places where tourists, we want to take a photo to upload on Instagram. Without being aware that most of the time, these animals have been “educated” on the basis of mistreatment, so that they learn to pose in the photo or make a show. In addition, in most cases, they live locked or chained. Remember that any activity that involves animal training is one of the things you should NOT do when you travel.

If you are traveling to Asia, please do not go on elephant rides or go anywhere, paint a picture or play soccer. They have learned to do that based on beatings and torture. If you want to go see these beautiful animals, better inform yourself beforehand and collaborate with their welfare by visiting an elephant sanctuary. Places where they receive help and care to recover and be released again.

The same thing happens with zoos (for me a jail of innocent animals), dolphin shows or circuses with animals. Fortunately, these have already been banned in many countries.

Guard down

The more crowded a place, especially if it is a tourist place, the more chances there is pickpocketers or bad peoples. This is the bad side of traveling, that tourists are often an easy target. We are in an unknown place and also a little clueless looking around. Keep the portfolio safe and especially the documentation. It bothers you to steal money, but they steal your passport, have to report and process a temporary to return, is much worse.

Not having common sense

Traveling makes us brave, but please do not let good sense leave you. Do not do anything that you would not do in your country. Enjoy the trip and the experiences but always with a head. If you would not make a public scandal in your city, do not do it in the city of others either. Do not throw garbage in the sea or in nature, or anywhere other than a wastebasket! Be natural and fun but above all be respectful. It is really satisfying to give a beautiful image to the rest of the world of your country and culture.

Not integrating into the culture

It is clear that if you go to another country, you will suffer a culture shock. Different language, new flavors, another religion … But different is not synonymous with better or worse, so do not underestimate the culture of another country. To enjoy this change, it is best to integrate, try local dishes, learn some basic words like “hello” or “thank you” in the language of the country in question … They are gestures that seem insignificant but that they value a lot. If a dress code is requested to access a venue, it must be respected. And if you see a person with different clothes, do not take pictures of them as paparazzi.

These are just a few guidelines that all good travelers already have in mind. Some are for our own benefit and welfare, but others are also important, to promote responsible tourism.

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