Top 8 Myths of Female Solo Travel
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8 Myths of Female Travel

Hey travelers, hope you are having fun. After posting my last article about tips for new travelers, today we are going to talk about common 8 myths of female solo travel.

The fact of traveling alone for a long period of time and to an unknown place can be frightening. However, deep down what worries us the most is what others will say. how will be the new world, is it safe to travel alone and what not. If you have that mindset, don’t worry this article will eradicate your misconception and help you to take the decision.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means for a woman to go on a solo trip. Below are some examples

Myth#1) Traveling alone means isolation

Wrong! you are not the only person in the world who travels alone. More and more women (and men) are won over to the idea of undertaking a solo adventure. You can not believe the number of women who dare to break their own fears. On the way, you get many people who are on the same wave so they tend to be a bit more friendly and cooperative.

If you find it hard to believe, stay in a hostel and you will be able to socialize, in a week, with the same number of people you met throughout the year when you were in your city.

Myth#2) Only Single women can travel alone

Many point out that they have different interests, others say that their partner does not have the same time available, etc. The truth is that the majority claims not to have any kind of problem with that and that, in fact, ends up being a positive experience for the relationship (if both agree) for that “reunion”.

Myth#3) You have to be very brave to travel alone

The truth is not necessary to be so brave, it is normal to be terrified if it is the first time you make a trip of this type. you don’t have to be super brave and incredibly strong to explore the world.  People have this wrong idea that only independent women can travel and have the right to explore the world.

You just have to make the decision. Courage can be acquired over time only then you will realize that traveling alone is not as difficult as it seems. There if you start to risk more and without feeling anxiety or remorse.

Myth#4) You can not travel alone if you are an introvert

Nothing further from reality. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to start a conversation, during a trip you learn to relate naturally. In a hostel, for example, conversations between travelers are nothing forced, they already have a link (travel), there is a common theme. In fact, it is more difficult to start an interesting conversation with a stranger in a bar.

Myth#5) It is very dangerous to travel alone, especially if you are a woman

Staying safe while traveling alone is a matter of intuition and common sense. It is clear that if you are alone in an unknown place you will not behave as if you were at home with some friends. For example, you will not go to get drunk at the first bar you find on the road and you will not go out alone at midnight.

On the contrary, you will be aware of the things that you can or can not do according to the place where you are. Believe me, if you can stay safe at home, you can also be safe during a trip. Dangers are EVERYWHERE.

Myth#6) You attract the wrong attention

They have made us believe that if you travel alone, they see you as easy prey. Let’s be honest, in all parts of the world there are those types of “males” that whistle to whichever woman goes by to the front. You can not let that not ruin your trip.

Keep that in mind, make sure you understand some cultural codes before embarking on your trip. Especially with the theme of dress. For the rest, do not worry as you will cross with disrespectful people. And you will also run into people who respect you and value your femininity.

Myth#7) Traveling alone is very difficult because you have to do it all on your own

In fact, no. One of the benefits of traveling alone is that all decisions are made according to your criteria and your tastes. It’s easier, you do not have to worry if the other people in the group are comfortable or if they prefer to know one place or another.

Also, if you travel all by yourself, its easier to get into somewhere expensive and have dinner or lunch. It may sound selfish but it is true. Group trips are more conflicting and stressful. The more people the more difficult.

Myth#8) If you travel alone, you are running away from something

It is very striking that when your friends and family find out that you want to travel alone, they immediately ask: Why? What happened? Are you okay? It seems that the answer can not be “just because”, “because it provokes me”. They think you’re hiding something from them.

Many people travel alone to find themselves, change their environment and organize their thoughts. That is very valid and positive. However, not all people traveling alone want to have such a profound experience. Many travelers just want a vacation, have a good time, meet new people or relax.

To be very honest, I have discovered that a solo female traveler can take any decision what she wants. You will be able to get a whole new experience. You want a vacation or want to discover a whole new world, just travel and while you are doing it, do it all by yourself.

If you have any new ideas, comment and share it with us. Don’t forget to forward it to your friend who is having a problem to take the decision, hope it will help.


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