Best Travel Luggage 2019
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Best Travel Luggage 2019

Today we are not going to talk about the best travel backpacks but we brought something new. We have made a selection of the 15 Best Travel Luggage in the market.

Travel luggage is light, hand-held, medium and large kind of baggage, with 4 wheels to move comfortably through the airport.

It’s about traveling at ease, with the security of having a luggage that even if you step on an all-terrain stay alive and traveling. Cabin luggage that gives you something different from the rest. Such as an automatic braking system as if it were a car and are made of ultra resistant materials. A combined selection of rigid, soft. And even hybrid cases for you to choose the trolley that best suits your way of traveling.

When we go in search of our best travel luggage, we always want to find quality, detailed, good accessories, resistance, durability and, above all, good prices. As not all the luggage is the same and each person has some needs. We have gathered the best models of different categories, as well as advice or criteria to keep in mind about the luggage. So you can find what you are looking for, whether it is a luggage for light travel or an XXL luggage for long term traveling purpose.

15 Best Travel Luggage Reviews of 2019

As you have read, we bring you some of the travel luggages that offer the best services on the market. And we have looked for good offers so you can take advantage of them. We could have made a list of the 50 best luggages. Because, of course, there are many models that could be on the list of ‘the best’. But we have chosen to reduce the list to 15, and so it does not make it so complicated to choose one. In addition, to two best-selling luggages that render luxury and travelers are amazed by its quality/price ratio.

All luggages that appear here are available in all sizes and in various colors. These 15 luggages have a TSA lock to travel safely to the US. You can also find them in many colors. The size of a luggage we focus on to talk about weight and capacity is cabin size. So here is the complete list with details to help you decide which on to buy.

01) Samsonite Winfield 2

Samsonite Winfield 2
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The Samsonite Winfield 2 luggage is one of the best on the market. It is one of the lightest to date. The model has revolutionized the market with its security system, transport and premium accessories. Next, we will detail its characteristics.

This Samsonite model has been manufactured with FlowLite polypropylene material. This makes its structure resistant to practically all types of blows.

For this luggage, the brand has decided to incorporate 4 double multi directional wheels. They are silent, soft and have a 360 ° turn.

The Winfield 2 has two fixed handles located on the top and side. They are soft to the touch, with an anti-slip surface, firm and with a storage system for greater comfort. In addition, it has a removable handle or double reinforced aluminum tube handle with locking. And the unlocking system to control the height.

As it could not be missing in a quality product, this luggage has an intelligent interior layout. It has two compartments, the upper one and the lower one. These are spacious and spacious. In addition, it has a separator with zip and lining, and an intermediate pocket.

As part of its ideal design, the bag has ideal accessories to facilitate travel in all sizes and colors in which it is available.

Some of these extras are your tether straps so that your personal items and clothes do not move from their place. Also your padlock or lock with combination TSA of three digits or your address holder integrated in the back part, to be able to identify well the luggage.


The Winfield 2 luggage by Samsonite is very complete and has strong points that make it stand out.

Maximum safety, since instead of using a common zipper, use a secure snap fastener with a TSA lock.

Extensive internal storage in all its sizes. In addition, this space is organized intelligently so that your objects arrive in order.

Its maneuverability, since it has double multi directional wheels of good quality, handle, fixed handles and stability.

Its durability and resistance, being made of a material that allows making fine and lightweight molds, and, at the same time, resistant.


Some features that could improve is that it does not have a braking system on the wheels and that its price is a bit high, although totally justified by its exceptional quality.

02) Samsonite Omni Hardside Luggage Nested Spinner Set of 3 Teal with Travel Kit

Samsonite Omni Hardside Luggage
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Another of the best models of Samsonite is the Omny, a very complete and impact resistant luggage. It is made with an innovative plastic called Curv. It is the ideal 4-wheel Spinner for all of you, with manufacturing warranty and many details of design, storage and transportation.

This model is rigid and is manufactured with one of the special materials of the brand, the Curv. Thanks to him, it is possible to have a light and resistant luggage, at the same time that it provides a very nice exterior design.

For an optimal displacement in all types of terrain, it has 4 multi directional wheels. These are soft, silent and with 360 ° rotation.

Also, it has two fixed handles located on the top and side. Both are made of resistant materials, firm, soft to the touch and do not hurt. It also has a removable handle monotube with ergonomic plastic handle and button to adjust the height.

As regards its internal distribution, it consists of two large compartments. The upper one has a fabric and zipper separator, and the lower one is unlined. It also has a small intermediate pocket for small accessories and important objects.

The Lite Shock comes with various complementary accessories that give you a little extra. For example, its internal restraint straps located in the lower compartment that hold garments to avoid clutter, your internal compartment divider or your security lock.


This one has many advantages that we summarize below.

Resistance, thanks to its reinforced structure and lightness. This is due to its manufacturing material called Curv, a patented and unique Samsonite technology.

Comfortable transport thanks to its rotating and resistant wheels and its monotube handle.

Security at all times. The Lite Shock comes with a heavy-duty and reinforced zip closure, which is attached with its handles to a TSA security lock.

A large number of options both colors and size, as well as the availability of a pack of 3 sizes.


On the other hand, it could improve on the fact that it does not have a lining in the lower compartment, which may be weird for some users

03) Samsonite Outpost 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

Samsonite Outpost 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set
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Another model manufactured by the Samsonite brand is the Outpost luggage. It is luggage with an ideal image and that proves to be one of the best and most resistant for its manufacture in lightweight polycarbonate. Next, we will detail its characteristics.

In this case, the Neopulse luggage is made of lightweight polycarbonate, which gives it resistance while maintaining a low weight for rigid luggage.

This model has 4 double multi directional wheels, smooth, silent and with 360 ° rotation, which is very noticeable in the quality of its movement.

The Neopulse has two fixed handles that go on the top and side. Both are made of strong and resistant materials, placed carefully.

It also has a removable or telescopic double tube handle made of aluminum and with height adjustment button.

The interior distribution of this luggage is simple but very complete.

It has an internal lining and two separate compartments quite large with a zipper on both the top and bottom.

As part of those accessories that add extra detail to the luggage, the Neopulse has reinforced corners, TSA security padlock, crossed inner support straps and back section with an identification tag, where you can place your contact information.


Design with reinforced corners that absorb shocks and impacts, thanks to its manufacture in polycarbonate of the best quality.

Its double wheels turn 360 °, soft and silent. Being double, they resist a load of weight in a simpler way, always providing comfort, stability and balance.

Its intelligent interior and organized with a lining that will protect all your items, along with zips by section, so that you take everything well organized.

Your worldwide warranty of 5 years from your date of purchase, which gives you the peace of mind to use it and not worry.


Some aspects that could be improved are that it does not come with a brake system on its wheels and that the colors of sale are limited and may seem common.

04) Samsonite® Winfield Fashion 20″

Samsonite Winfield Fashion 20
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The latest model that we will talk about is the Samsonite Winfield Fashion luggage, another worthy representation of the brand. This stands out for its manufacture in Curv material, resistant and very light, and its design inspired by nature.

This model, like any other of the brand, is made of Curv material, which gives it great strength and lightness.

As for transport, it has 4 large wheels that are silent, multidirectional and with 360 ° rotation.

It also has two fixed handles located on the side and top, made with firm materials but soft with the hand.

This model also comes with a removable aluminum monotube handle, with a plastic handle and height adjustment knob.

Inside, it has two main compartments, the upper and the lower, with separator by means of a zipper closure and a small intermediate pocket.

With regard to these little extras, the Winfield Fashion comes with fastening straps placed in the lower compartment, so that clothes and objects do not move from their place. It also has an identifying label to enter the data and facilitate contact in case of loss or misplacement.


The Winfield Fashion is baggage with incredible details that make it one of the best. These are some of its advantages:

The resistance of materials, since the Curve has a technology patented by the brand that makes it a much more advanced and resistant material. It is specially designed to absorb the energy of impacts and resist low temperatures.

Another advantage is its security since it provides double protection with its top quality zippers and its padlock or TSA lock.

Its ergonomics, since it is manufactured with an adjustable monotube handle so you always feel comfortable, 4 wheels that provide balance and that provide a lot of softness when transporting it.


On the other hand, it could improve the fact that it has no brake system on its wheels.

05) Travelpro Maxlite 5 Set of 2

Travelpro Maxlite 5
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To make transportation even more comfortable, it comes with two fixed handles integrated into the top and side of the luggage.

Both handles are resistant to weight, soft with hands and made of firm material.

On the other hand, its removable handle is made of double aluminum tube with plastic handle and function to adjust the height.

As regards the interior layout, it consists of two main compartments with lining. The upper comes with a padded separator that protects your personal items and the lower one with adjustment tapes for clothes. In the separator has pocket and mesh for small and important objects.

Finally, it has some supplementary accessories, such as the internal bag to transport liquids correctly or the label to paste the address and name. It also has tether straps in the lower compartment so that the clothes always travel in place and TSA security lock.


Buying this model has many advantages. We point out some of the most important:

Protection of your belongings and security. This model provides two extra points of protection. The first thanks to its strong and virtually unbreakable ABS materials, and the second thanks to its TSA security lock.

Wide and organized storage. Its interior is very organized, something that has a lot to do with its wide compartments and its multiple pockets. This allows you to separate your luggage by sections and enjoy the order you have always liked.

Ergonomic design. Finally, ergonomics is a clear advantage, since by including fixed, removable handles, multi directional wheels and a balance without equal, the luggage has become one of the most comfortable.


Regarding the points to improve, we could mention that, compared to the others, the travel pro maxlite has less variety of colors to offer.

06) Travelpro Crew 11 21″ Expandable Spinner Suiter Indigo

Travelpro Crew 11 21 Expandable Spinner Suiter Indigo
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For good transport, it has 4 multi directional wheels, soft, silent and that have a 360 ° turn for greater comfort.

In addition, this model comes with two fixed handles located on the top and side.

Both are made of firm rubber materials that are soft with your hands and with plates on the sides.

It also comes with a removable handle made of aluminum tubes, with plastic handle and size adjustment button for height.

As for the interior layout, this is smart and intuitive, as it is integrated with two large main compartments.

The upper part has a lining and a zippered separator that insulates the articles, while the lower one comes with a lining and fastening tapes. It also has a pocket for documents in the separator.

Finally, as regards supplementary accessories, it has straps or fastening tapes. These have been designed in a crossway with a clasp so that the clothes are always in place and do not get disordered during the trip. It also has anti-slip pads on the side so that the luggage stays stable in one position. Finally, your security padlock is another of its accessories.


Like all luggages, this has several advantages that will make your trips more comfortable. Some of the most important are:

Intelligent interior organization. This is your main advantage, because we know how uncomfortable it is to get to your destination with all your luggage and wrinkled clothes.

Ergonomics in its design. It is designed for passenger comfort, therefore, has soft wheels, removable handle that fits the height and soft-touch materials, especially in its fixed handles that do not hurt your hands.

Good options for dimensions. Finally, the Airo offers a large number of color options to choose from, so that your personality is well represented on each trip. As well as sizes.

Excellent sale price. Another of its advantages is its price, because almost no other brand can offer a luggage so complete and resistant for the price of an Alistair Airo.


In the opinion of some buyers, this may become a bit weak and measures cabin luggage are slightly adjusted to the rules.

07) Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Medium Expandable Spinner, Navy

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Expandable Medium Hardside Spinner Suitcase, 27-Inch, Navy
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it has two fixed handles located on the top and side. Both are made of the same reinforced nylon fabric that is soft with the hands and that resists a lot of weight.

Its other handle is telescopic or removable and comes with a plastic handle that has a button to adjust the ideal height.

As for the interior layout, it has a single interior compartment with a lining that is very wide. It also has zipped pockets on the inside of the lid and two pockets with corrugated lining to bring shoes and do not mess with the rest of the clothes.

Finally, the accessories that make it special are the already known anti-slip material legs located on the side, to avoid bearings when you hold it by its side handle. It also has two external pockets that have the capacity even for a computer, if you intend to take it in the cabin. Finally, it has a padlock that is attached to the two zipper handles to protect the interior contents.


When you buy this bag you start to enjoy multiple advantages. Some of them are:

Great interior storage, which allows you to carry many things, including shoes with your smart organizer. In addition, the characteristic of its soft material allows you to stretch the capacity always a little beyond the expected without damaging the luggage.

Safety. This luggage has resistant zippers that do not lock and that culminate in a lock very similar to the TSA, with a combination of three digits that only you will know and that will give you access to the internal content.


On the other hand, its biggest drawback is its handle that seems a bit flimsy compared to other models, and although it is resistant, it can move easily.

08) Victorinox Avolve 3.0 Large Expandable Carry-on Spinner, Black

This model is a soft luggage, made of reinforced nylon.

On the other hand, for its transport, it has 4 simple wheels that are soft, silent, multidirectional and with 360 ° rotation.

This luggage has a lot to offer at a low price. It is another proof that Victorinox is concerned about having a good balance and value for money, that’s why it has positive opinions.

It will be difficult to find in the market a model with ease of use thanks to its four wheels and its handles, intelligent interior and security at this price.


it’s stability. Sometimes soft luggages tend to go sideways. In this case, it is not like that thanks to its four wheels well placed in each corner that give it the necessary stability.

Finally, you will have a good sale price, which ensures you save good money on the purchase.

09) Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army Spectra Global Carry-On
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This one is made of reinforced ABS plastic, which makes it a rigid and safe luggage.

For its movement, it has four double wheels, multidirectional, soft, silent and with 360 ° rotation.

On the other hand, it has two fixed handles located on the top and side of the luggage. Both are attached to the luggage by means of two resistant aluminum plates, while the handle is soft and resistant. It also comes with a telescopic handle with plastic handle and lock button for adjusting the height.

As for its interior layout, it is excellent and is characterized by two large compartments with lining.

The first has a zipper fabric separator and a mesh pocket for documents, while the second has a large space, strap and a small intermediate pocket for delicate objects or garments.

Finally, the supplementary accessories of the Smart are, mainly, three. The first is your security lock with combination. The second is their internal straps that cross and offer to bring your personal items and clothing in perfect order to your destination. The third is its anti-slip pads located on the side so that when you put it on the floor it does not slide.


If you choose to get one of these luggages, you will have a few advantages. The most important of them are:

Good materials of great resistance. The manufacturing material is ABS, a plastic that is very resistant to shock, which is excellent. So, you can even carry fragile objects without risking them to deteriorate.

Ample interior space and organization. The interior is very comfortable and spacious. It has two main compartments that bring your lining and allow your clothes do not wrinkle. Thanks to its straps and padded separator.

Good offers in prices. Very few models offer so many important qualities at such a low price, without neglecting quality and maintaining balance.

Ergonomic design. Finally, another of its advantages is its ergonomic design that adapts to your body to keep you in good posture.


As the previous model, the measurements of the luggages can be exceeded by a few centimeters. Which makes them unsuitable for some airlines, especially those of low cost.

10) Osprey Ozone

The Osprey Ozone model is a rigid case made of polycarbonate materials with ABS, to ensure the protection of the interior.

For its displacement, it has 4 simple, multidirectional, smooth, silent wheels with 360 ° rotation that resist a lot of weight.

Also, it has two fixed handles located on the top and side.

Both are made with materials that are soft to the touch, but that is tightly fastened to the luggage to withstand a lot of weight. It also comes with a removable double tube aluminum handle with plastic handle. This can be removed up to 54 cm and is adjustable in height to lock and unlock.

As regards the interior layout, it is based on two large compartments, one upper and one lower.

The upper one is separated with zipper and the lower one is protected with a lining and with fastening tapes. Both are spacious and allow a large amount of luggage, especially with its expandable function that provides 4 cm more space.

Lastly, as part of the design, the luggage has accessories such as cross-straps, so that your clothes do not move during the trip. It also has two snap fasteners in the upper compartment to expand or tighten the contents.

It also has a locked padlock with the security code on the outside, a transparent bag to carry liquid and address sticker.


To know thoroughly all that has to do with this baggage, we detail are its greatest advantages:

Larger storage space It is large luggage in its three sizes and has an expansion of up to 15%, which translates into an additional 4 or 5 cm of space inside.

The lower market price of the high range. This is a unique model since it is difficult to find a luggage with such quality and at such a low price.

Great internal organization. Another of its advantages is in its interior organization, which is smart and has two large compartments and a padded divider, with pocket and mesh, so you can keep organized whatever happens to you.


This model has some drawbacks, as it does not have an approved TSA padlock, which gives a little extra security.

11) American Tourister Star Wars

American Tourister Star Wars BB-8 21 Spinner Star Wars Strom Trooper
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American Tourister is a brand of luggage that has been manufacturing high-quality luggage for years with high security, comfort and resistance in all its models, rigid or soft.

Regarding the interior layout, it has a lower compartment with ribbons that hold the contents and a side pocket with zipper included.

In addition, the upper compartment has a divider pad, ribbons, zipper, and a separator with two external mesh pockets for storing documents or small items.

There are some characteristics that make some models stand out above others. In this case, we highlight two. The first are their straps or straps located in the upper compartment and the lower, which cross to hold all the content, preventing it from moving when you put the trolley in vertical.

The second is your identification tag to include your contact information and facilitate the process in case of loss.


If you still want to know more about this model, we leave you the most remarkable features and that makes it a very good option:

Confidence and security thanks to its locking system through a padlock or TSA security lock.

Comfort when traveling, since, in addition to being very light, it is equipped with a series of high-quality features, such as multi directional wheels, removable handle that adjusts to your height to avoid back pain and fixed handles to go downstairs without difficulties.


On the other hand, there is an aspect that the brand could improve and is that sometimes, depending on the color, the luggage may only have a fixed handle, instead of two.

12) American Tourister Moonlight

American Tourister Moonlight
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This luggage of the American brand is made of 100% resistant polypropylene. Therefore, you will have a strong and lightweight luggage.

For transport, it has 4 multi directional wheels that are soft, silent and allow displacement in any terrain.

In addition, they have 360 ° rotation and excellent maneuverability.

It also has 3 handles in total. Two of them fixed and located on the top and side. They are made of strong and resistant materials that support the weight and are gentle with your hands. The third is a removable handle or retractable handle with multi-position height lock and adjustment knob.


Cheap prices without competition. American Tourister bags are cheap and moonlight is no exception. It is one of the best models with great value for money.

Unsurpassed style Its exterior manufacturing material, besides being unbreakable, is resistant and stylish. It has a wave design and more than 10 colors to choose from. Among which you can choose matte tones in pastel colors or bright colors such as red.

13) American Tourister Star Wars 21″ & 28″ Hardside Star Wars Storm Trooper EP7

American Tourister Star Wars 21 & 28 Hardside Star Wars Storm Trooper EP7
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With an exclusive look and eye-catching design, the starwars luggage by American Tourister is another of the brand’s best.

The Star wars line is made of polycarbonate and polyester in all its sizes and colors. This means stiffness and lightness.

To transport it, it has 4 easy-moving, silent, smooth double wheels with 360 ° rotation to maneuver perfectly.

As regards the handles, he has three. Two are fixed and are located on the top and side. They are made of solid materials, with rubber on the bottom to avoid hurting the hand. The third is removable double tube, made of sturdy aluminum and with height adjustment button.

The interior of the luggage has two main compartments, upper and lower.

The upper has a zipper separator and a small pocket in the document divider. The lower one has lining and fastening tapes. In addition, the star war has a small intermediate pocket.

Finally, the supplementary accessories of this model are. On the one hand, its lock or lock TSA with lock on the zipper handles. Besides, its cross-straps in the lower compartment. Which is responsible for adjusting the clothes and the objects so that they do not get disordered.


Like all luggages, the Star War has a series of advantages that you can enjoy when choosing it as your luggage. The main ones are:

Security and protection of your goods, thanks to a resistant zipper and a three-digit TSA padlock, which is anchored in the two zipper handles offering access only to you.

Ample storage space and organization. It has 4 sizes and in each of them it is possible to intelligently organize our personal items.

To the previous point, it must be added that, besides, it has two expandable sizes.

Original and attractive image. His image, with relief of diamonds. In addition, absorbs the blows, is one of those responsible for a large number of sales.


On the other hand, there is some aspect that can be improved, such as that it does not have an identifying label or that the price is a little higher.

14) American Tourister Disney

American Tourister Disney Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels
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The Disney is made of sturdy impact resistant polypropylene and will protect your belongings.

Its transport is facilitated thanks to 4 double wheels, multidirectional, soft, silent, with 360 ° rotation. And with details in beautiful colors that contrast with the body of the luggage.

In addition, it comes with two fixed handles and one removable. The first are located on the top and side and are strong and resistant.

Its removable handle is different from the others, because it is manufactured in a reinforced aluminum monotube that is very strong, adjustable and with a locking button. It has an ergonomic handle that is soft with your hands and comfortable.

As regards its internal distribution, it has its upper compartment with dividing. And zipper pad and a lower one with adjustable tapes.

The separator also has storage pocket for documents and both offer together and large space.

Finally, this model has important extras. The first of these is your intermediate pocket that is ideal for valuable items and small items.

The second is their crossed straps or straps that are removable and that prevent your objects from moving or disorienting. The third is an identification tag integrated into the monotube puller.


When you buy the American Tourister Disney , you will have some important advantages. We detail them below:

Security assured. In addition to having added a padlock or TSA lock. That has completely rejected the idea of putting zippers easy to violate. So if you do not have the combination or key.

Attractive design and lightness. It has a wave design that is not only attractive but absorbs shock. It also comes in different colors to suit all tastes.

Ample interior space so you do not worry about whether you will have enough for your belongings or not.


On the other hand, its biggest drawback, although it is not very important, is that it does not have an internal lining in its lower compartment.

15) AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 20-Inch, Carry-On
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Around here another soft cabin luggage that exceeds expectations. A classic luggage but with four double wheels that offer a soft and resistant sliding. But one of its highlights is its volume, it has a capacity of 41 liters! This is one of the advantages of soft or semi-rigid cabin luggage, which as a rule have more capacity than rigid ones.

It has 4 wheels to carry it with comfort, guaranteeing mobility of smooth rolling in any direction. A success, seriously.


Cheaper than the others


Not good for regular traveling.

Buying guide to find the best travel luggage

Buying a new luggage is a difficult decision. How big do we want it? What material: soft or rigid? luggages with two or four wheels? With so many questions, the choice is complicated. To help you in that task, we have compiled the most important characteristics that you should take into account


The strength or solidity will be determined by the type of material with which it has been made and by the design that has been given. Many luggage companies use designs with curves, reliefs or stripes in order to absorb the impacts they may suffer and make them less dangerous for our objects.

It may be soft or stiff, but, in addition, you must pay special attention to the resistance and protection they offer. Some brands use reinforced corners or plastic reinforcements in specific areas. Others manufacture them in materials so robust that they do not need reinforcements.

Ease of use

The ease of handling will not depend strictly on the size. When we refer to ease of handling or practicality, what you have to look for are those details that make it easy to carry your luggage.

Those details are their fixed handles, which, usually, are placed on the side and top and serve to load with your hands. These handles should be firm, but soft to the touch of the hands so you have better comfort.

You must also take into account its telescopic handle or retractable handle. This can be double tube or monotube, but you should always make sure that it is solid and resistant and that it includes a handle comfortable to the touch. You can also choose those that come with a lock and unlock button so that they adjust to your height. That’s something that almost all luggage lines include, currently.

Another aspect of the practicality could be their outer pockets since there are many airlines that do not allow carrying accessories such as purses or handbags in addition to the cabin piece.

In those cases is when these little extras come in handy, both to keep the passport, to carry documents, wallet, helmets or anything we need to have on hand.

Finally, its wheels. The luggage can have 2 or 4 wheels, they can be double or single, soft or hard, silent, multidirectional and with 360 ° rotation. The best is the multi-directional that allow us to take the luggage to the side instead of having to pull it. In addition, they provide a lot of stability in movement and standing.


Lightness is always important, as there is a limit of weight allowed to carry in the hold and in the cabin of the plane to avoid paying extra fees. If the weight of our empty luggage is high, we will be subtracting capacity to carry clothes, travel accessories and other objects.

On the other hand, lightness is also important because it is not pleasant to make unnecessary efforts when loading or transporting our luggage.

Today, brands manufacture all kinds of lightweight luggage, including an ultralight, which can be made of rigid materials and weigh very little in a vacuum. Always bet on these.

Design and aesthetics

The aesthetics of every detail, as well as the design, are important. The varieties of designs range from different colors and patterns to various patterns in the shape of the shell.

Currently, there are models of different colors, beyond the common palette. In fact, there are bright, matte tones, with reliefs, prints and even with brightness. So, the options are many and you should pay special attention also to details such as the shape of the handles, the clasps, the padlocks and the zippers.

Volume and measures

Measurements and volume are also important criteria. First, because we can not exceed the measures allowed by each airline if we do not want to pay extra, and second, because we want the luggage we choose to allow us to travel with everything we consider essential.

Depending on the type you choose, you will have average measurements. The cabin is always the smallest (usually 55 x 40 x 20 cm), while the cellar can be medium, large or extra large, as is the case with the XXL luggages (with a total sum of 158 cm).

The truth is that the volume will depend on the measures and the design of the manufacturers. Although soft luggages always give room for a couple of centimeters more, mixed or semi-rigid luggages have the best of both categories: an extra expansion and firm materials that can with the blows.

Supplementary accessories

To finish with the selection criteria, the supplementary accessories are details that we have not mentioned yet but that can make the difference between a good luggage and a not so good one.

These accessories can be internal restraint straps, which ensure that clothing and other personal items do not move from their place even if you travel to put the luggage in different positions. They are crossed, have a brooch and are in one or more compartments of luggage.

Another good extra accessory, in the case of two-wheeled models, is the plastic front legs, which ensure the stability of the luggage so that when standing it does not fall forward.

On the other hand, the identification tag is also important, as well as the internal mesh, compartment dividers or security locks or locks.

The latter, it is recommended that they are approved by the TSA, to travel more safely and comfortably to countries such as the USA.

Different types of luggage

The world of luggage is very broad. There are different types of luggage for each type of trip or traveler. This complicates things a bit when choosing. Do not know where to start? We summarize the most important of each type of luggage to facilitate the task.

Hand-held or billable

Baggage measurements are vital when traveling. Each airline has a specific measure for the luggage that can be carried in the cabin of the plane and for the luggage that should be checked in, but, almost always, they are standard measures. Respecting these rules will ensure much quieter trips.

The difference between both, besides being able to take them in one place or another of the plane, is that the cabin luggage is always smaller than the luggage to invoice and the latter must have a good locking system and security since you will not have it with you during the entire trip.

If you decide to travel alone with a luggage or cabin, you will not have to pay extra fees and you can skip the cumbersome process of looking for it on the conveyor belt.

On the other hand, if you decide to carry both or only one of the cellar, you can count on much more storage space to carry everything you want, which is a great advantage for long trips or cold places.

So, the choice of size will depend on your needs and the duration of the trips you usually make. You will always have the option to buy sets with three different sizes to have that variety.

Soft or rigid

Today, the luggages are designed and manufactured in various materials. However, within the world of frequent travelers, there is a doubt whether soft or rigid luggage is better.

On the one hand, the rigid case can be made of materials such as polypropylene, ABS, polycarbonate or any strong and resistant material.

On the other hand, the soft is usually made of polyester, nylon and other similar fabrics. Both are very good luggages, however, which is better to opt for?

In addition, there is also a type of luggage that is mixed, made with a hardened fabric and that, in addition to providing us with hardness and protection, gives us that extra space that we enjoy with a soft one.

The difference between the rigid and the soft is clear: while the soft one allows us to enjoy a storage extra because it fits our luggage, the rigid one does not. But yes, it gives us much more protection in terms of the blows that often suffer when traveling in the hold of the plane.

Therefore, we must weigh the pros and cons of each model and opt for the one that best fits the characteristics of travel.

2 or 4 wheels

The wheels are very important in luggage, although today there are still those who decide to travel with backpacks or travel bags without wheels.

A few years ago, most brands manufactured models with only two wheels and unidirectional.

However, as everything progresses and changes, the luggages have evolved and that is why they are now manufactured with 4 wheels that can be fixed or multidirectional.

The difference between the two is that, while the 2-wheel you have to take it inclined to transport it, the four-wheel can take it to one side or in front of you without having to pull the weight completely.

Wheels also play an important role in balance and stability. This does not mean that the two wheels do not stay well, in fact, often have accessories such as plastic front legs or any rigid material to support without problems.

Other important criteria

In comparison, it is also very important to consider other criteria, such as the type of trip, the duration, the destination, if it is children’s luggage … We will talk about them below.

Choose luggage according to the type and duration of the trip

Not all trips are the same. For those occasions in which we go on vacation to a hotel with all the comforts, the luggages with wheels, big or small, are a great option, because we know how to transport them will be easy and comfortable.

However, if we venture to the mountain, hiking or camping, it would probably be more advisable to carry a travel bag or a large backpack, since it is not so easy to drag luggage with wheels on that type of terrain.

In the same way, duration matters a lot for the choice of size. With a carry-on bag, you’ll probably have room for a weekend or 4 days, at the most. While if you opt for a median, you will have the capacity for a week or 10 days. Finally, with XXL models, you can take clothes and accessories for even a month.

Choose luggage for a child

The variety of luggage that exists in the market has no limits. In this world, there are also children’s travel bags so that the little ones can carry their own luggage.

You can find models with cartoons, the ones they usually like, bright colors and children’s prints. luggages for children are usually a little smaller than those for adults.

There are brands with luggage for very original children. There are with Disney designs, action characters, princesses and a lot of options. You can also find this type of luggage with all the features mentioned above: with or without wheels, rigid or soft, etc.

Choosing this type of luggage is a good option for both since the child enjoys independence and the adult has more space in their luggage.


Finally, you can choose your luggage according to your personality. There are youthful and carefree models, serious models for entrepreneurs, simple models for those who do not want to attract attention and a host of varieties.

If you choose your luggage depending on who you are as a person, you can have a slightly easier starting point to look at options.

You can also orient yourself based on the opinions of the buyers. They are the best critics of a brand because when someone is not happy with their investment, they will let you know in comments and you will have different points of view of people who have already used the product.

Where to buy travel luggage online

Yes, we always recommend Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk to buy almost anything.  It is the jack of all trades and always has great discounts on their products. In addition, the initial price products are often lower than even the official store itself, and a unique after-sales service.

It is quite unlikely that you will see the offers that Amazon offers in all this carry-on, and we always recommend this platform to do the shopping.

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