Cheap ways to travel Europe
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Cheap ways to Travel Europe

This article is designed to help you fulfill your dream. I’m going to discuss cheap ways to travel Europe, put your plans on a date and go from being just part of your imagination to becoming a reality.

Most of us at some point in our lives have dreamed of traveling to Europe. Live the experience of walking next to the Eiffel Tower, see the majestic Roman Coliseum, attend a flamenco show in Spain, see the famous windmills in Holland and many other things are part of our list of European dreams to fulfill.

But hundreds of questions appear: how to organize a trip to economic Europe? How to travel to Europe with little money? What budget do I need to travel to Europe?

The main obstacle many times is money and you do not want it … UNTIL TODAY!


Cheap ways to travel Europe – What to Consider?

There are several answers because it depends on many factors: how much time you have to travel, what countries you want to know, what dates you have available, what activities you want to do, what comforts you want to have if you travel alone or accompanied and more.

If you have already been investigating, you should know that you can save a lot of money by planning the trip on your own. But what if you simply do not have the time or do not have the necessary experience? No problem, I can help you organize cheap trips to Europe. Read to the end of the article to find out how.

Next, we will break down the trip into the main areas of expenditure (or better, investment): transportation, accommodation and food.

When is it cheaper to travel to Europe?

The best time to travel Europe cheaply is in the spring. The prices are not that high, you can appreciate the green landscape and flowers, and the weather is nice, although it may rain. This season goes from mid-March to the end of May.

Other considerations:

  • If you do not mind spending a little more and want to enjoy good weather and long days, travel in summer, from June to September.
  • If you want to save the most and do not mind putting up with the cold, travel in winter, which runs from mid-December to March.
  • In autumn the climate is a little less cold than in winter and the prices start to fall after the summer, but I still prefer and recommend spring.

Cheap transportation in Europe

Transportation is probably one of the things that most spend on the trip if we plan to visit more than one country, but transportation within Europe is very good and cheap if you know how to choose, thanks to a large number of companies who have adopted the low-cost model.

How to travel by plane

Both in the case of flights to Europe and flights within the continent. The factor that most affects prices is, of course, the season. It is important to bear in mind that the high season in Europe includes the months of June to September, Easter and the end of the year. On the other hand, the low season is usually in the months of autumn and winter where you can get a little cold.

How to travel cheaply by train (myths and truths)

Have you ever wondered if it’s cheaper to travel by train or plane in Europe?

Surely you’ve heard more than once say “being in Europe you can go around by train and it’s very cheap” because in a certain way this is a myth and I tell you why:

Today low-cost airlines handle very low prices and are in my opinion the cheapest way to go from one country to another. There are journeys that are much cheaper by train but it is not general for all countries.

How to travel cheaply In Europe by land

Bus Trips

In general, it is a good way to travel cheap since buses are usually very comfortable. And the prices are as low as you can find to move within Europe.

Buses can offer you the lowest costing and you can get prices to travel between countries for less than 10 euros.

Rent a car in Europe

Renting a vehicle is a very good option if there are several travelers. It will be much better if all the positions are filled. Taxi and Uber can be a good option and uber tends to be cheaper than the taxi.

Cheap accommodation in Europe

A good accommodation planning is key to enjoy 100% of a trip to economic Europe. Whether you prefer to stay in a hotel, a hostel or an apartment. There is a key factor to consider, the location.

Here are some tips:

– In your trips to Europe it will always be an advantage to be able to stay as close as possible to the center of the city. In this way, you will save on travel time and transportation money. However, this will usually represent a higher cost per night.

– In most cities, especially capital cities, the public transport service is very good. So it may be a good idea to save staying in a cheaper place a little away from the center. But with good communication with the metro.

And, above all, don’t forget to search on google. Be surprised by everything that happens. Even a “bad” experience can be brutal learning over time. In addition, I always say that something curious, strange or funny has to happen always. That if not then there are no stories to tell when coming back.

You can perfectly travel to Europe and travel without money. But if you need to travel a trip and plan ahead, you can get out very, very cheap.

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