How to find cheap flights
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How to find cheap flights

Today we are going to start from the beginning and we are going to talk about how to find cheap flights, as economically as possible and without wasting your time. We will explain in detail how to optimize your search and how to find cheap flights online in less than 15 minutes.

Search multi-city flight deals from LAX

It is undoubtedly one of the most repeated questions about travel. And that is that flights are usually the most expensive part of a travel budget. So in this post, we will talk about the best tricks to get cheap flights and not die to try.

The best day (the cheapest) to fly is on Tuesday.

The most expensive day to fly is Saturday. If you can, modify the dates of your trip to be able to match the flights on Tuesday. Because you can get up to 12% cheaper.

Flights between 6 pm and midnight are cheaper.

They may be more uncomfortable, but if you want cheap flights, there will be things that you will have to sacrifice.

Do not give up receiving a newsletter with price alerts, they are more useful than you think.

Maybe in principle, it may seem a pain in the ass to receive emails from companies, but you may find unexpected bargains.

Be flexible with dates.

If you focus on Christmas or Easter, it will cost you a lot to find cheap flights. We recommend you even look for flights without destination or without a specific date to find the best deals.

Buying the round trip board is not always cheaper.

Compare it well before buying your flights because you can take great surprises.

The scales make the price of flights cheaper: do not give up on them.

To get cheap flights it is essential that you resign (though it does not always have to be that way) to direct flights.

  • Find out about nearby airports you want to get to because you may find an unexpected bargain.
  • Analyze well the best time to buy your flight depending on the destination you want to go to.

Internet will help you to decide and to know which is the cheapest month to get cheap flights to the chosen place. Usually, the cheapest time is usually about 60 days before flying.

Search and compare a LOT.

Use different comparators and websites, check the website of the airlines themselves, try combinations of different dates, etc … You have to try even to buy on websites from different countries such as France or England because you can be surprised by the prices.

  • Keep in mind that some companies vary the prices depending on the payment method.
  • If you think you have found your ideal flight at a reasonable price … BUY IT.

Because it is very likely that tomorrow will be more expensive.

Some considerations How to find cheap flights

The first thing you should do is determine the budget for your trip and find out how much you can invest in a plane ticket. From there, start tracking cheap flights by helping you with the tools that from many web pages allow you to filter searches according to the money with which you account, as with the flight comparators that we have recommended you before.

Here we must make an important clarification. Keep in mind that since the Internet is a great help for you, it is also for companies that sell tickets and have their tools to detect the demands of destinations in different parts of the world. This is how they usually increase the price of a ticket in just a few moments and it is not usually a coincidence.

More tips to get airline tickets at a good price

Other tricks that we recommend for your goal of finding cheap flights are:

  • While your search lasts, subscribe to different warning options about offers and news from different companies. Such as newsletters, alerts, etc. And it follows its pages of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. In addition, if you are a regular traveler, or pretend to be. Additionally, you can join the airline’s points programs to access special offers or discounts.
  • Consider seriously the possibility of flights with stopovers or airports near your destination. Make accounts between travel hours and distances and final cost. Surely you will find pleasant surprises for your pocket.
  • Although years ago it was thought that good deals were obtained last minute. Do not use this option unless you can not organize your trip in advance. The most advisable is to make the reservation/acquisition of the air ticket between 40 and 60 days before.
  • If your time allows you, travel in low seasons and on days with less demand for tickets. And before making a hasty decision, you can do for example an analysis of what times of the week best offers are published.
  • Before deciding your purchase, find out the details of it. Do not hesitate to consult the advisors of different companies. And it also collects opinions from friends and acquaintances who have made similar travel experiences.

If all options are exhausted, reality tells you that the destination you had planned is impossible for your budget, do not despair. Consider a plan B with other places that may be the same or more exciting than originally thought. So start the search again, you will surely find cheap flights to know sites that will not disappoint your expectations.

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