Key Preparation Tips for Traveling
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Key Preparation Tips for Travelling

Do not leave anything for the last day and follow our 7 key preparation tips for traveling to prepare a vacation so that everything goes perfectly. Let nothing escape!

Maybe you are an expert doing the suitcase or you know how to get the cheapest flights, but there are certain details that you can escape. For example, could you tell us how much and in what cases should your travel insurance refund you if you have a problem? Do you know if you should fear the Zika virus? We will try to answer some of these questions and give you some tips to prepare a trip .

Keep reading because we are going to focus on seven fundamental aspects when preparing a trip: safety, documentation, money, health, transport, and luggage to summarize them in seven tips to prepare a trip in a simple way.


1. Verify The Security Situation Related Key Preparation Tips

Not everywhere is as safe as in United States and that is sometimes forgotten when booking a trip. Even in countries that are relatively close there are regions that are not recommended to go for security reasons .

Thus, the Philippines is one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia, but the western part of the island of Mindanao can be somewhat dangerous. To take another example, in Barcelona you are much more likely to suffer theft by a pickpocket in the subway than in a Bangkok street.

Find out about the most common dangers of your holiday destination and so you can enjoy a quiet holiday.

2. Documentation Related Key Preparation Tips

Although many think that a visa is enough, in some countries some additional travel documents are required. Do you travel, for example, with children to South Africa?

If the answer is affirmative, you should know that since last year it is necessary to show the birth certificates of your children in immigration and, if you do not have them, you will be forced to return to your country.

Do you plan to travel to India? Remember that you need a visa, but to obtain it your passport must have at least six months of validity. Confirm all the documentation requirements you need at least a few weeks before traveling to avoid problems.

3. Finance Related Key Preparation Tips

Although withdrawing money from ATMs is easy in United States. There are other countries where it is a bit more complicated. Thus, there are limited ATMs in certain places in countries such as Bolivia, the Philippines, Brazil or China, for example.

It is also possible that your credit card will be spoiled on your wonderful trip to Spain. In case this happens, a good tip to prepare a trip is to have at least one other activated debit card ready in advance. And if possible, another type of debit card.

So, if you carry a VISA and another MASTERCARD you have less chance of something going wrong. We also recommend you always carry some amount of local currency somewhere in the backpack. They can become saviors in the case of theft.

4. Take into account all infections and diseases

Do you think the Zika virus is only in Colombia or Brazil? Error: now this virus has spread to many countries in South America and has reached islands like CuraƧao.

You must be aware of the seriousness of the situation of the country you are traveling to and the consequences it may have for you, so one of the tips to prepare a trip is to go to your doctor beforehand so that he can advise you on vaccines, medicines and other precautions you should have. It is advisable to find out about infections or diseases that can happen in your vacation to try to prevent them, but without becoming paranoid. You should know that it is possible to get diseases of certain foods, with insect bites or poor hygienic conditions. So extreme care, for example, with ice cubes in drinks in Thailand or with meats in some countries like Indonesia, which have been able to take hours without refrigeration.

5. Check the Coverage of our Travel Insurance

Complete travel insurance? Check it! Suppose you are assaulted outside of Europe, but your insurance only covers countries in the European zone. So you are not covered! Medical expenses abroad (especially in the United Kingdom) are usually higher than in United States. And you may need insurance with much more coverage than for other countries. The best thing is that you inform yourself, read the small print of the insurance and choose a coverage with which you are calmer when traveling.

6. Avoid high parking costs and excessive taxi expenses

It is necessary to make a preliminary study of what can be cheaper when you have to travel to the airport. So, there are times when paying for the short or long-term parking at the airport is more important than taking a taxi from our house, since round-trip taxi fares can be astronomical if you do not There is public transportation for some reason.

7. Can I enjoy it back at home?

Would you love to take that delicious drink that you tasted in Lisbon on the sofa in your house? You should know that you can take with you on the plane up to two liters of liquor. Can you smoke Cuban cigars like the ones you tried in Cuba back in your hometown? If you bring up to 50 units you will not have to pay import taxes.

In summary, check in advance the requirements and quantities of products that you can bring from your trip so that you do not have any surprises and have to leave them at the airport.

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