The Best 10 International Airlines in 2019
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The Best 10 International Airlines in 2019

Today I am going to write about The best 10 International Airlines in 2019. I have selected 10 winners in this section based on the reader’s vote. In Airlines category, readers rated on cabin comfort,  service, food, customer service and value.

Like all other years, Middle East and Asia based airlines are dominating the list. Emirates secured the number 2 spot,  Qatar Airways holding number 3 And Japan Airlines at number 4.

After that, according to an Emirates fan “The food What’s tasty and good quality”. “Economic class is very comfortable for long distance traveling and this service was too good”  according to another passenger. In addition, a frequent flyer praised Qatar Airways customer service by saying “ I had an outstanding experience one more time when I travel with Qatar. It’s been 7th or 8th time that I am going with my family on a trip. And I have no words how satisfied I am with Qatar Airways and their customer service”. He also pointed out something: “ I liked being asked when I would like my food served and having my bed made.”  

On the other hand, All Nippon Airways (ANA), another famous Japanese Airline also made a repeat appearance at number 7. According to their flight information, they have recently added the world’s largest wide-body plane. But there is only one surprise in this list and that is La Compagnie. However, it comes in at number 10.

10. La Compagnie

For More Information: La Compagnie.com

09. Korean Air

Korean Air

For More Information: Korean Air.com

08. Cathay Pacific Airways

For More Information: Cathay Pacific Airways.com

07. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

For More Information: All Nippon Airways (ANA).com

06. EVA Air

For More Information: EVA Air.com

05. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

For More Information: Air New Zealand.com

04. Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Airlines

For More Information: Japan Airlines.com

03. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

For More Information: Qatar Airways.com

02. Emirates Airways

Emirates Airways

For More Information: Emirates Airways.com

01. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

For More Information: Singapore Airlines.com

In addition, There is a lot of reasons why Singapore Airlines is ranked in number 1. The most important thing about Singapore Airlines is the comfort and budget-friendly options. This airline operates one of the world’s largest flights. And that is almost 19 hours journey between Singapore Changi Airport and Newark airport New York. Therefore, one loyal passenger wrote after flying “ One of the best inflight services I have experienced. The inflight staff was the highlight of the inside experience. Just lovely people were helping and serving all around. 

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